Construction business Brand visual identity design for Gillman Construction


At Gillman Construction, we don't just build homes from start to finish, we build dreams. We embody trust, sustainability, professionalism, and slick execution. We have decided to create a visual identity that represents our qualities.


Bob has worked for 15 years and has been married for 5 of those years. One day he gets home and takes a look at his two kids and wife. A thought came to his mind and he took his keys and drove out. As he was driving, he began to say to himself "Do I really have a place I can call my own?" A couple of seconds after that thought, he passed through a construction site and he saw an image that looked exactly like the one he had envisioned in his mind while he asked himself that question. It was slick, with its straight lines and curve. The deep blue colour gave it a sense of trust and a high-end feel. The green colour created a sense of sustainability and more interestingly, he also saw a very abstract G and a set square as well.